Old Saybrook Little League

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Frequently Asked Questions
Are there "try-outs" and are there children who don't make a team?  There are not TRYOUTS. We have a day that children Bat, Catch, Throw and Run. This is for skill assessment so the child is place in the appropriate division.  ALL children will make a team.
How often do teams practice and how many games are there?  Practices are scheduled by field and manager availability. Practices average about two time a week before the season and as needed after the games start.  Games are two to three times a week depending on the division of play.
How is the "Draft" conducted?
First, anyone interested in becoming a Little League Manager can submit their name to the Little League president. The president then chooses the candidates and presents them to the Little League board of directors, who vote in each manager. Not all candidates are voted in. Once the appropriate number of Managers are voted in, these managers attend tryouts to view and assess the available players. All players were asked to come to try outs.
At tryouts all Managers evaluate each eligible player based on: 1. Hitting, 2. Catching. 3. Throwing. and 4. Running. The managers then use these evaluations at the time of the draft. (During the tryouts an independent scorer also evaluates the player’s performance and provides their scoring to the president for the draft process.)
This years Old Saybrook Little League Draft process is as follows:  Majors are drafted first. The majors teams are all put into a hat, and then are randomly drawn from the hat, to determine draft order. All eligible players are written up on index cards that are placed on tables with their name, age and the rating from the independent scorer from tryouts. Additional information, such as if the player is/or has a sibling, is included.
The team mangers then pick their teams in order, back and forth, from first to last, last to first, until all teams have reached their player limit. At this point, the draft portion is complete. While the paperwork is being worked on, the managers are free to discuss any possibilities of trades. In general, all trades are usually conducted then, while everyone is there and the Player Agent is available. Once the Majors are complete, the Minor’s Managers follow the same process with the remaining eligible players. Once this is complete, the managers take their lists home and begin the process of notifying their players over the course of the next few days.
Late sign ups are assigned to the next team in order, from where the draft left off. So if all teams had 13 players and new sign ups came in after the draft, they would be assigned, one at a time, to the teams in order. If teams 1, 2 and 3 had 13 players and team 4 had 12, the first late sign up would go to team 4, and then the next would go to team 1, then team 2 etc.
Managers are then free to ask for coaching volunteers from their players parents. Once managers have their coaching nominees, they provide them to the President for his approval and presentation to the board of directors. The board of directors then votes in each coach. Each manager then picks his practice times and can then schedule practices with his team. That is the basic process and every effort is made by OSLL to ensure fairness in all of these functions.

Why must a 12 year old play on the majors? 
This one I can answer from experience...Last season this rule came to existence and my son was 12 and suddenly decided he wanted to try baseball.  He had no experience and little knowledge of the game.  He had a great season learning the game and his teammates and coaches were awesome.  Bottom line is that he would rather be inexperienced with his peers than be out-played by younger kids.  Some may not agree with this but it really isn't a bad rule.

Can Girls play Little League Baseball?
  Yes girls can play all levels of Little League Baseball. These are coed teams.

Can boys play Little League Softball?
 Yes, boys may play an all boy division of Little League Softball. Boys cannot play coed softball.